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Day Open Staffed By Close
Monday 3 PM John Eberhard 7 PM
Tuesday 3 PM Roger & John 7 PM
Wednesday Call For An Appointment
Thursday 11 AM Roger Koplin 3 PM
Friday 3 PM Roger Koplin 7 PM
Saturday Noon Roger & John 5 PM
Sunday Noon Roger or John 4 PM

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Call Roger Koplin at (916) 267-8564 to schedule an appointment

Call John Eberhard at (775) 762-6018 to schedule an appointment

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Want to Know Your Ball Speed?

There is a formula to calculate a player's velocity:
  1. Determine the elapsed time (in seconds, i.e. 2.52) from the moment of the player's release to the moment of
      impact on the pins.
  2. Divide this number into 40.91 (i.e. 40.91/2.52 = 16.23 mph).